Take control of your photos.
It's your memories!

Basic features

Pićable Freemium

Add to Trash

Swipe left
Move photos to Trash List.

Add to Album

Swipe right
Add photos to an Album.

Delete Pictures

Empty your trash list
It’s also possible to recover photos.


Organize your photos with Pićable. This picture manager is really good for image management.

Picable (or Pićable) will give you a hole new photo album experience. With Picable you can easily manage all your photos and take care of your memories. With Picable you can easily compare your pictures quickly in the photo-feed. Add your photos to a current or new album. You can also remove and delete all your images and save storage on your phone. Just swipe to the left or right.

The team behind Pićable (or Picable) are a collaboration between two Startup companies in Sweden, 2dNorth (UX Design) and Xpedios (Development).

No Privacy Policy - Pićable Freemium doesn't save or share any of your data from your phone. You have complete control over your own information and data.

We continuously work on developing Pićable. Our backlog for new features are full with ideas but it's what you think as a user that matters. Send us feedback down below and tell us what you think. Then we can make Pićable even greater!

Take control of your photos. It's your memories!


Design, Development and Collaboration is everything. Each process and domain has it’s own way of doing things, that we respect. But it’s the collaboration in our team that makes us great and reaching the goals.

Joakim Astbrant

Co-founder/UX Designer
I’m a digital designer with almost 20 years of experience. For me, UX Design is all about finding “Why” in things, and in user experience, you need to understand the users from their perspective and to find their needs.

Khalid Afridi

Co-founder/Software Developer
We Ctrl Code
I am a Software Developer who loves new technologies. Keeping my self up to date with new technology is a must. I always try my best to integrate myself with new technologies. Loves challenges and Interested in learning new techniques.

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We continuously work on developing Pićable. Send us feedback of what you think so that we can make Pićable even greater!